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real tree-to-bar total traceability

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Total Traceability & Transparency

Cacao is a temperamental plant that requires attention and care to produce high-quality cacao beans. In order to maximize nutrition and flavors, genetic varieties, soil and climate are key since they affect the cacao beans’ chemical composition. Each cacao pod ripens at its own pace and needs to be treated and harvested individually once it reaches prime ripeness.

Cultivating wild and fine aroma cacao varieties and crafting them in our all-in-one facilities at Hacienda Umbelina allows us to guarantee the highest quality. We aim to boost its nutritional and organoleptic properties to the highest potential.

Here you can track your cacao’s journey from tree-to-you:

${date_harvested} Harvested

Cacao trees take between 5 and 9 months to grow a cocoa pod. We take care of each cacao tree at our organic farm from the moment it is planted until we harvest each pod and shell them by hand.

${date_fermented} Fermented

The fermentation process is the most important step in extracting the cacao beans’ aromas. Cacao beans are usually left to ferment for five to seven days on their own, but we can control the entire process to reach the highest quality standards.

${date_roasted} Roasted

Once fermented, the beans are spread and dried under the sun. The drying process prevents mold from growing on the beans. The fermented and dried cacao beans are then roasted, which brings out an even bolder aroma. This process typically takes around 20-30 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. We avoid overheating the beans and take our time with a slow roast, preserving the cacao’s nutritional integrity and its antioxidants in every single batch.

${date_liquor} Crafted

The beans are crushed and lightly blown with air to remove the bits of shell. They are ground into a paste and that’s where the chocolate-making process begins.

${date_packaged} Packaged

To create our fine aroma chocolate, we just need to blend organic coconut sugar to our fine aroma cacao liquor. No need for the typical additives other chocolate companies use: lecithin, milk or refined sugar. To make our pods, we just need to add some cocoa butter. 100% organic, natural & simple ingredients.

${date_consumed} Best Consumed

We recommend keeping it in a cool & dry place. Open and let it air out before savoring it. Enjoy one of the best cacao & chocolates made by nature. Real cacao for the real you.

Discover the natural flavors our fine aroma cacao have to offer with our blends made of Wild Amazonas, Apurimac Valley and Wild Ucayali varieties.

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