Flavanol-Rich Dark Chocolate Bars | Variety Pack


The Ultimate Tree-to-You Chocolate Experience with Health Benefits: Our U CHOCOLATE is the result of a direct journey from our organic farm in the Peruvian Amazon, crafted with a selection of 100% Fine Aroma & Wild Cocoa varieties. Each chocolate contains a rich 600 milligrams of flavonoids, providing you with more than triple the daily recommended intake of 200 milligrams, as recommended by the FDA for maintaining good health.

Discover all our Organic Dark Chocolate Flavonols Rich with this variety pack. Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, kosher cacao with unrefined coconut sugar. A healthy alternative, full of flavor.


Aromatic Experience, Intense Experience, Wild Experience: Cacao and coconut sugar.

Coffee Experience: Cacao, coconut sugar and coffee.

Ginger Experience: Cacao, coconut sugar and ginger.

Organic Dark Chocolate Flavonols Rich
Premium tree-to-bar

Experience the Unknown

Amazonian Fine Aroma Cacao


Experience chocolate like never before. Compare the nuances all our flavors have to offer with our variety pack.

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