• Only we care for our cacao from the moment it’s planted until it reaches you.
  • Our recipes are entirely made with natural organic ingredients.
  • Total control over the process guarantees quality that you can track on your cacao’s journey from tree-to-you.
  • Made entirely with plant-based and simple ingredients. Real food for the real you.
  • Cacao trees can’t be genetically modified and our other ingredients —coconut sugar, coffee and ginger— are organic and non-GMO.
  • Made completely without major allergens. Just organic cocoa, coconut sugar, and small hints coffee or ginger.
  • Natural sugar packed with vitamins and minerals, and a lower glycemic index, which is beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels.
  • By growing our own cacao, we can guarantee the highest quality. We only outsource ingredients that can’t be grown on our farm.
  • Our passion drives us to create the best cacao products.

Committed to the Amazon

Chocolate you can enjoy with a clear conscience

  • Our packaging has been designed consciously, from sourcing paper from sustainable forests to using bioplastic films to package our chocolate bars.
  • We transform our organic waste into fertilizer, creating a sustainable production cycle.
  • Our trees more than offset our CO2 footprint and our farm and factory run on renewable solar energy.
  • We aim to become a living reserve of all the genetic varieties of cocoa trees, creating an ecosystem in perfect symbiosis with the Amazon.

Commited to our people

Caring for those who make chocolate with care for you

  • No child exploitation. We work with women and men from local communities in the Peruvian Amazon, creating opportunities and guaranteeing job stability.

It all started withour passion

We love chocolate

U Chocolate was born from the passion of Miguel and Marian.

A passion for nature, a passion for the exuberant, a passion for the green.

We simply can’t get enough of chocolate – like two kids constantly discovering it for the first time. A singular desire, one that moves, stirs every fiber of your being. The type of chocolate that resonates in your brain and tattoos your soul. We like flavors that are different, that have that magic je ne sais quoi you simply can’t identify – that thaumaturgical IT that comes from something well made, with love and devotion

We discovered cocoa in Peru and we fell in love with its different varieties and flavor notes that impregnated its offspring. There we met Gonzalo and Emerson, and together, we tasted almost all the cocoas available under that ancient sun. Full of cream flavor, flowers, earthy smell, vanilla flavor, coffee, almonds... We tasted the varieties of fine aroma, the criollo cocoa, the chuncho, the Amazonian forastero ... and we were enamored by it.

In the Peruvian Amazon basin, we created a cocoa garden of Eden. A gateway to all the magic we fell in love with, Hacienda Umbelina. A safeguarded nursery in which to grow a wide and wild variety of cocoa — coming full circle, creating one of the best chocolates in the world. Controlling every single detail of production, so the final product is a wonderful and irreproducible experience. Each bar, each capsule, a unique cosmos of taste.

We have been actively involved with the local Shipibo communities and have created opportunities for nearly fifty women and men who have been accompanying an exciting project that enables them to commune with nature and their origins. 

From the patience of watching a tree grow and waiting for its fruits, U Chocolate was born. 

A chocolate that not only makes the tree-to-bar concept its own, but revolutionizes it, and turns it into a real tree-to-you.

U Chocolate, made with principles, passion, and a zest for the finer things in life.

Not just a great chocolate, but the best.

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Made with love
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