• What ingredients make up U Chocolate?

    U Chocolate is made out of maximum three ingredients: cacao, coconut sugar and hints of coffee or ginger. And all these ingredients are 100% organic. Only the best chocolate can be made with the best ingredients.

  • What is “tree-to-bar”, “tree-to-cup”, “tree-to-you”?

    Other chocolatiers pride themselves for being “bean-to-bar”. This means they source beans and make chocolate from them. At U Chocolate, we plant our fine aroma cacao trees, harvest the fruit and create cacao products all at Hacienda Umbelina. This means we can guarantee the best quality by having total control on your cacao’s journey from “tree-to-you”.

  • Why is U Chocolate healthier than other chocolates?

    Three reasons: products, proximity and process.
    - Products: We only use quality products to create our recipes: our own cacao, natural spices and organic coconut sugar. Unlike the chocolate industry does, we use unrefined coconut sugar which has a lower glycemic index, making it a great alternative.
    - Proximity: Thanks to the fact that we’re one of the world’s only chocolate farm-factory, we can ensure that we use the freshest cacao of the crop to make U Chocolate products.
    - Process: We have perfected our agricultural and production process to maintain our cacao’s natural integrity, not only in flavor, but also in preserving as much as possible its antioxidant properties which would otherwise be lost due to oxidation or excessive heat.

  • Why are there spots on my U Chocolate bar?

    Our chocolate products are crafted, not massively produced. We don’t use lecithin or other preserving agents like other industrial brands, so our chocolate can show its natural imperfections like white cocoa butter spots or marbling.

  • Which cocoa varieties are in U Chocolate?

    Since we grow all our cacao, there’s no need to outsource to producers from other regions. At Hacienda Umbelina, we’ve recovered native and wild varieties from the Amazon and Andes and mix them with our fine aroma varieties to create distinct blends that boost our cacao’s natural flavors.

  • Do U Chocolate Pods have caffeine?

    Our Mocha Ceremony pods are the only ones that contain caffeine (about Xmg per Yml). It also contains theobromine, as do our Cacao Ceremony and Ginger Ceremony pods, a natural occuring stimulant in chocolate which is similar to caffeine, but milder in its effects on the body.

  • How much water should U Chocolate Pods be mixed with?

    For the best experience, aim to use as little water as possible with both our Nespresso® machine-compatible pods and K-Cups® brewers-compatible pods to achieve a more concentrated drink. It should be creamy, not watered down. However, try it whichever way you like! With sugar, with milk, in your coffee...

  • How should I store my U Chocolate?

    - U Chocolate bars: keep in a cool and dry place, and avoid temperatures above 69 ºF (20 ºC).
    - U Chocolate pods: keep in a cool and dry place, and avoid temperatures above 95 ºF (35 ºC) to avoid possible melting issues that could interfere with infusion.

  • How do I dispose of the packaging?

    - U Chocolate Bars: our bars are packaged in a biofilm plastic, that can be thrown in the compostable garbage bin, and paper-based pouches and boxes that can be recycled along with paper.
    - U Chocolate Nespresso® machine-compatible pods: our bioplastic pods are compostable. Remove aluminium lid before composting.
    - U Chocolate K-Cups® brewers-compatible pods: our pods can be recycled along with plastic items.

  • How can I pay for my orders?

    To provide you with the swiftest shopping experience, we offer Stripe® for safe online payments. Stripe® has implemented Link as a great option for faster checkouts.

  • Can I find U Chocolate at stores?

    All our U Chocolate products are available nation-wide on our web store.

  • Are U Chocolate products Vegan?

    Yes! Our products have maximum three ingredients: cacao, coconut sugar, and some varieties have either coffee or ginger. All our products are also organic, which means we don't use harmful pesticides, protecting ladybugs, bees, and other insects that help pollinate our crops.

  • Are U Chocolates Paleo products?

    Yes! They are entirely plant-based and only contain three products at most: cacao, coconut sugar extracted from coconut flowers, and either coffee or ginger. All these products were available to our early ancestors before farming appeared.

  • Are all your products organic?

    Yes! Our farm is USDA Organic certified and we make sure that the ingredients we outsource to local farmers, such as coffee or ginger, also have organic certifications.

  • How can I buy U Chocolate?

    You can buy U Chocolate products on our web store. We have several products to choose from:

  • How do I track my order?

    Orders are shipped by DHL Max in 2-3 business days. Tracking information will be sent to you once your order has been shipped so you can check it on the DHL website.

  • I would like to work for U Chocolate!

    If you're passionate about chocolate and would like to be part of this revolution, send us a message via the Contact form on this page, and we'll get in touch if we have any openings that fit your profile!

  • Do I need an App for the Discover our Universe experience?

    You can enjoy our Discover our Universe on several platforms.

    • If you have a virtual reality headset, you can use Meta Quest or Steam.
    • You can download the app on the Google Play Store or the App Store.
    • You can access it via web.

    Each platform has its own advantages, but no matter which, the experience, as well as our cacao, will surely linger on your mind.

  • Where can I find your nutritional facts?

    Our nutritional facts are located on the packaging and they are also linked on each product page, under ingredients.

  • Does U Chocolate contain any heavy metals?

    No. We carry out periodic analyses on our soil and products to make sure that U Chocolate is safe and free from any heavy metals.

  • Do any of your products contain nuts?

    No, none of our products contain nuts. Our facilities are entirely free from major allergen ingredients so that everyone can enjoy U Chocolate.

  • Does U Chocolate contain dairy products?

    No. Our products only have maximum three ingredients: cacao, coconut sugar, and either coffee or ginger.

  • Are U Chocolate gluten free?

    Yes. Our products only have maximum three ingredients: cacao, coconut sugar, and either coffee or ginger, so no gluten at all.

  • Does U Chocolate contain soy?

    No. Most chocolate products out there contain soy lecithin, but U Chocolate products are entirely free from it and other major food allergens.

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